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PNE Playland



PO Box 69020, Hastings & Renfrew

Vancouver, BC V5K 7W3

(604) 253-2311

PNE Playland is a small park located in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The main rides in the park are the 3 rollercoasters, Hellevator, and a number of spinning rides.  Unlike most parks, a lot of the extras are included in the park admission.  Things like mini-golf and the rock climbing wall are free with your park entrance.





MAD MOUSE                           Wild Rating--

pnestevemouse.jpg (36626 bytes) I'd never ridden a mouse coaster before, and after this, I don't know if I ever will again.       My husband was nice enough to explain that the trains lean going around the corner and feel like they are going to fall off.  By the time we got on the coaster, I was already worried.   We got to the top of the lift hill and started going around the sharp corners.   Sure enough, I thought we were going to fall off.  After all the quick turns, the coaster comes to a series of drops and rises.  It finishes up with a couple more turns and drops and you get off the ride.

I did not like this ride at all.  It seemed really dangerous to me and it was a little bit too rough for my tastes.  I guess it is worth a ride if you are at the park.

 pnemadmousedrop.jpg (46694 bytes)            pnemouseturn.jpg (41199 bytes)

HELLEVATOR           Wild Rating--

It's the tallest structure in the park.  You can hear the screams from everywhere.  And it's one of the most unbelievable thrill rides out there.  It is the Hellevator, an S&S Power Space Shot ride.  Standing in line for the ride was almost as good as the ride itself.  Watching car after car full of passenger go from sitting right in front of you to 200 feet in the sky in an instant.  I got onboard and pulled down my restraint.  My heart rate increased to about 600 beats per minute.  We raised a little bit while the operators checked our restraints.  Then we dropped until we were almost touching the ground and waited.  A small bell sounded, signalling the ride was getting ready to start, and suddenly we were gone.  In a flash, we were up 200 feet and looking around at British Columbia.  We reached the top, floating out of our seats as we stared at the Canadian Cascade mountains, and dropped back down.  A couple of more bounces and we were done.  It is a short ride, but definately a real blast.  If you get a chance, ride one of these things.  They are the best.


Hellevator Hell's Gate Coaster
Beach Party Kettle Creek Mine Ride Pirate Play Area
Scooters Corkscrew Wasserbahn
Wave Swinger Ferris Wheel Rainbow
Asylum of Terror Paddle Wheelers Dune Buggies
Flying Elephants Grand Prix Scrambler
Music Express Pirate Tilt-A-Whirl
Giant Octopus Enterprise Wild Mouse
Helicopters Merry-Go-Round Stunt Cycles
Kiddie Swing Raiders Glass House


Above: The New for 2004 "Beach Party"

PNEpirate.jpg (33979 bytes)

Left:  Hell's Gate

Right:  Scooters bumper cars

Left:   Micah on the paddlewheel ride

Right:  The park's Ferris wheel


Above and right:  The park's newest coaster is the Kettle Creek Mine Ride

PNEMicahminigolf1.jpg (23098 bytes)PNEMicahminigolf2.jpg (22506 bytes)

PNElogflume.jpg (20630 bytes)